Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Tipping Water Buckets in Meyrin

Meyrin has surpassed itself with its newest playground. I am sure that Meyrin must hold a record for playground density. The water is button activated, the entire area is covered in bouncy rubber flooring. There are also two climbing frames and some swings. I expect this is where we'll be spending many of our lunch hours over summer.


  1. where exactly is this in Meyrin Steve?

  2. Hi Nadia,

    It's near the Auberge de Meyrin, ... also at the bottom of each post is a google map link to hopefully the correct place.

    Glad you like it.


    p.s Jenny says congratulations.

  3. Hi Nadia

    If you take the 57 bus and get off at Meyrin-Village, then walk down the road away from route de meyrin, you'll see the park on your right after about 100m. (Or take tram 18 and also get off at Meyrin-Village, but that stop is on route de meyrin)

    Thanks for this post, btw, we live just down the road now and have already spent many days at this park!