Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Lizard of the Jardin Botanique

Geneva's Jardin Botanique is quite simply amazing and we seem to never go into town without visiting. It has  bespoke wooden climbing frames with rope bridges, an excellent hoist to lift the sand and a lovely lizard and bugs to balance on.

There's a unique carousel, a cafe for a beer by the playground, peacocks roaming and an animal park on the other side of the green. If you have never been here... go!
Beyond the playground there are touch and feel plant areas, a hot house, ...
A childrens' amphitheatre provides story telling opportunities though I don't know if anyone organises them?

Switzerland while famous for being expensive offers a lot of stuff, like this, for free.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Playing in Geneva Airport

Geneva airport has some of the best facilities for babies and toddlers. As well as a play area there are children's beds and cots.  The room is open from 08:30 I believe but I have heard of it being opened especially over night for people stuck at the airport. It can be quite tricky to find and is flight side just after the security check.

This place is so good it is worthwhile coming to the airport a bit early in order to spend some time there.

Meyrin's Moon Base

It's a little know fact that Meyrin has it's own moon base. This is never a very busy playground in my experience since people probably get distracted by the nearby Jardin Alpin. As well as four climbing structures there is a large concrete slope whose purpose is a mystery. A sign warns against cycling or skating down this slope.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Parc des Bastions

Sandpit, Parc des Bastions

When the sun is out the white wooden climbing frame in Parc des Bastions must be one of the busiest playgrounds in Geneva.

There are some wooden hobby horses and one of the best sand pits in the area. The sand pit includes running water for excellent dam making opportunities.

School Playground, Geneva Old Town

In the old town of Geneva is a school playground which seems to be open to the public when not in use.
It's near the museum of art and history and good to stop at if you happen to passing. There are good hop scotch and similar games on the ground as well.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Ahoy on a Sea of Sand in Nyon

Pirate Ship Nyon

Truck at Nyon

Playground at Nyon

Nyon has a fantastic park, there are great play areas to either side of the Museum of the Lake. On one side of the building there is a pirate ship on sand. There are buckets and cranes to hoist the sand up and down through funnels and the like providing endless hours of fun.

On the other side of the museum there is truck to drive, some slides and a self propelling merry-go-round.

There are picnic tables including some that are sheltered from the rain and sun. Given its great setting, this playground definitely has to be one of the best in the area.

Monday, 4 October 2010

By The Lake at Nyon

Nyon Lakeside Playground

Nyon Lakeside Playground
The lakeside at Nyon is an impressive location for this playground. You get excellent views of the lake and the Alps, including Mt Blanc on a good day.

The climbing frame is great, there are swings, a slide and one of those self propelled roundabouts with pedals. There's a picnic table and the playground is well fenced.

This and the nearby pirate ship make Nyon a top destination for playgrounds.

Buvette on the Lake at Versoix

The buvette beside the yacht club in  Versoix has a small area in which children can play. There are cartoon books and graphic novels for older children and adults, building blocks, lego, some large toy trucks and a nice comfy sofa.

The buvette sells coffee, home-made cakes and bagels and even some very decent beer, which is made in Lausanne.

The buvette closes for the winter months.