Tuesday, 12 April 2011

McLHCb Near Ferney

The new well-known Scottish restaurant is now open just inside France over the Mategnin border. The restaurant and outdoor playground are situated close to LHCb which is one of the four LHC experiments at CERN. You can eat your burger and watch them play while the big bang is recreated under your feet.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

View Mt Blanc while climbing on Salève

The Salève is the 1400m mountain right next to Geneva. It's easy to reach with public transport and then can be scaled with the cable car or alternatively you can just drive up. Apart from the obvious walking and view-taking to do there is a small see-saw at the kiosk at the top of the cable car. The Auberge des Montagnards in Croisette has a terrace and small climbing frame (which is reassuringly close to the restaurant's tables) looking out to Mt Blanc, they also have chickens and rabbit as a useful diversion.