Suggest a Playground

Please suggest below a playground or play area in the Geneva or Pays de Gex area and we'll try and visit sometime. Do contribute less obvious examples as well as larger and more impressive playgrounds.


  1. There a tiny playground (just a couple of spring things in the park) next to Hopital de la Tour. Not especially exciting, but something to do if you happen to find yourself waiting for a doctor's appointment.

  2. Great site, thanks!

    Couple extra parks we like:

    Bois de la Batie is this great park with kiddie swings and climbing stuff, as well as a great animal park. See info and map here:

    Also i'm sure you know about Signal de Bougy, but it's awesome too:

    Finally, any chance you can add kid-friendly restaurants / cafes, i.e. with changing tables etc? Cause we have really struggled to find decent places. Wolfisberg in Carouge is one, but can't think of any others right now, apart from IKEA???


  3. Hi Will, Yes Signal De Bougy, Bois de la Batie and Wolfisberg will certainly be added at some point. Thanks.

  4. Claudia & Chris10 October 2010 at 09:01

    Hi Steve,
    This is great! My husband and I "studied carefully" your site :-)
    One suggestion: the public park in Divonne. Not the amusement park next to the lake where you pay but the one in the town. It is big with things for both very young and older kids. It is quite big and has benches all around. I believe it's on Rue Voltaire and Avenue de la Gare.
    Claudia and Christian

  5. Great site !

    To complete it you can go to it's a guide (in french) for "parents and kids strolling in Geneva". For example they have a section "quand la couche est pleine" which indicates places where you can find changing tables!

    Cheers !

  6. Hi Steve,
    Not exactly in the region, but if you ever go to Paris for the week-end, I'd recommend you to go to La Villette. There's a huge playground inside where you can spend the whole day. Best place I've ever been to myself! Too bad adults need a kid as alibi to enter... It's not free, but it's really worth it.

  7. Ok, so it's not impressive or huge, but it is in a big grassy park with lots of space and if you happen to 'have to go to the bank' then it's nice to tie it in with something for the little ones. So, I went to the playground in Prevessin Moens in the grounds of the chateau. It's on the parcour sante - so some people jog about and do stuff on bars and steps. There's a little slide that's suitable for kids up to about 4 (ie it's for the little kids) and a whirly whirly thing. A little way away there's also a 4 seater springy thing for some see saw fun. Location is here:,+6.074361&num=1&t=h&vpsrc=0&ie=UTF8&z=18&iwloc=A

  8. Hi Steve!

    This is a great blog, thanks a lot! Some suggestions:

    - Site de Sauvabelin in Lausanne: It's similar to Bois de la Batie with animals and nice playgrounds. It has a couple of restaurants next to the lake where it is also possible to sit for a drink in the terrace. You can always climb up to the Tour de Sauvabelin.

    By the way, if you happen to be in Lausanne, Hotel Movenpick has a baby friendly restaurant with "Coin enfants". Waiters seem to be pretty used and feel at ease with children running all around.

    - There is a great playground in the facilities of Anieres local school. I'm not sure this is always open though. This is a very nice village to go for a walk in the vineyards. I discovered this place in one of the Escalade Trainings that are organised every Sunday since mid October. The trainings always start in a public school or sports center where there are usually playgrounds for children. So this is a great way of discovering new places.

    - Parc de Trembley in Geneva has also a great playground and fantastic "pataugeoire" for the summer.

    - Another good mix of water and playgrounds is Geneve Plage. You have to pay to go inside but I think it's worth it.

    - Ferme de Mont Mussy. There is no playground as such, just an incredible outdoor terrace in a natural spot with views over Leman Lake where children can run and play on the surroundings while parents taste their home made cakes.


  9. Hi Steve,
    there is an amazing ball drop game on the Saleve, outside Shedrub Choekhor Ling (a Buddhist monastery).!untitled/cyha

    Think marble madness if Heineken made it ...
    (hope that link works)